FLoYD Fest was founded in 2006 by Andy Carlson-McNab, and continues to grow and flourish in Saskatoon, SK, Canada. The festival is named after Andy’s great-uncle Floyd Carlson who saw in Andy the love of theatre and the potential to do something with it. When Floyd passed away, he generously left the money for his great-nephew to start the festival and pursue his dreams. In 2014 FLoYD officially became a Nonprofit Organization.

Now FLoYD Fest is an ever-changing and expanding group of playwrights, directors, and actors dedicated to a love of theatre. We strive to learn, educate, and get young people involved in theatre, give them a chance to test their skills, and to give youth an opportunity to express themselves where they might not otherwise have the opportunity. Every year, we perform original shows that are written, directed, performed, and produced by people twenty-five and younger.

9 seasons of Creativity Confidence and Community…and counting.

FLoYD Fest Executive

Andy Carlson-McNab – Founder
F. David Schultz – President
Colin Grant – Vice President
Erin Brophy – Artistic Director
Audra Balion – Member at Large
Jessie Carrol – Director of Design
Hilary Hlagy – Director of Promotions and Events
Corey Schultz – Treasurer
Erica Hartman – Secretary
Shayla Schwan – Member at Large

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