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Day 3 – FLoYD Youth Theater Festival 2013

7 new shows for 2013. Check them out!

July 26th

Matching Necklaces: Written and Directed by Amanda Bristol
-Revenge cannot bring your loved ones back, nor can it undo what has been done. But ask yourself – Would it ease the pain if those who have wronged you suffer the consequences of their actions? Trigger Warning: Descriptions of rape and suicide

After Life: Written and Directed by Gray Myrfield
-After Life is about storytelling, memories, and confronting death.

The GodDAMN Particle: Written by David Schultz, Directed by Peter Beug
-In a world where science is the ruler of all, one man tries to prove that the controversial theory of the Higgs Boson is false, but not without fighting his way through giant robots and light saber battles.  Is the Higgs Boson fake?  Or is renowned scientist Jacob Cern in a fool’s chase to disprove something that’s right in front of him?  Find out in the godDAMN particle!  In Technicolor (c)

Picture the Two of us: A Jonathon Coulton Musical:  Written and Directed by Erich Jurgens.
-After having his confession of love rejected by the girl of his dreams in elementary school, boy genius Tommy vows to do whatever it takes to win her over. With the help of his best friend Billy, the two go on a life long adventure


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