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Day 4 – FLoYD Youth Theater Festival 2013

7 new shows for 2013. Check them out!

July 27

Thomas and the Clown-a-saurus: Written and Directed by Kole Dulle
-Thomas and the clown-a-saurus is a fun family value comedy. Thomas trying to impress a girl he likes builds a time machine, but he forgot to carry a one and accidentally creates a clown dinosaur instead. Will family values and true love save the fate of the world, but most importantly the school prom. You’ll have to tune in and find out.

Takuetsushita: Written by Andy Carlson-McNab, Directed by David Schultz

Love, Zombies and Other Misfortunes: Written by Heidi Sailor, Directed by Monika Holman
-In the middle of the zombie apocalypse, what if you knew there was a chance that the most important person in your life was alive, out there somewhere, and you could help? Abandoning their save-havens three teenagers and their unlikely friend set out on a dangerous journey to find their loved ones amongst the zombie wastelands.


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