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FLoYD 2013 Lineup.

The executive is happy to announce the line-up for the FLoYD Youth Theatre Festival held at The Refinery Arts and Spirit Centre from July 24th to 27th 2013.

We have a great mix of new playwrights and seasoned veterans to make for an exciting year. We also are already starting plans for a FLoYD Blue this fall/winter… but we can talk more about that later.

Without further adieu… FLoYD Youth Theatre Festival 2013!

Jim the Boy That Dies by Kole Dulle
Takuetsushita by Andy Carlson-McNab
Love, Zombies and Other Misfortunes by Heidi Sailor
Matching Necklace by Amanda Bristol
After Life by Gray Myrfield
the godDAMN particle by F. David Schultz
Picture of the Two of Us by Erich Jurgens

There is still some discussion and play-reading to be had before directors are finalized, but we hope to be able to talk about that soon. We hope you’re as excited as the exec for the eighth installment of FLoYD!


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