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Want to get involved with FLoYD Fest? We are currently accepting submissions for plays and receiving statements of interest for directors. Below are the guidelines for both! All submissions, questions, or concerns should be sent to


Play Submission Guidelines (Updated for 2014)


This year there will be two submission dates for FLoYD 2014: The 14th of November 2013, and 14th of January 2014.

Here’s how it works:
You can submit your play in November, no matter how close to being done it is. If you only have a few pages, send it it. If it’s a rough first draft, send it down. Artistic director Audra Balion, and other executive members, will read it over.

You will receive an email with feedback on your work in progress. Then, you take the comments and constructive criticism, apply them, ignore them, whatever, and go back to working on your show.

Re-submit your play, and the process repeats. You can keep getting feedback on your show, some helpful advice, and encouragement to get it finished!

The 14th of January 2014 is the final deadline.
The play must be complete by this date, and this will be the copy considered for the 2014 festival. You will have a meeting with the festival’s dramaturg, and if your play is accepted, we may ask for a final run of edits to be completed at a date shortly following the final deadline.

Scripts are to be no longer than 30 pages.

Original works only. No direct adaptations (but feel free to draw inspiration from wherever you find it).

All genres are open for consideration: children’s theatre, romantic comedies, tragedies, theatre of cruelty, you name it.

There is no official ruling on mature content, but such content should never be excessive or gratuitous. If it offends your grandmother, keep it in.

Please be aware that FLoYD is a small company, with few resources. Let your imagination run wild, but don’t expect us put your show into production if it has a cast of 30 and requires an animatronic elephant.

If you are interested in directing the show that you wrote, please send a separate e-mail as a statement of interest for directing (this helps us keep our information straight). Please see below for details.

You must be 25 years old or younger as of July 30, 2013.

Send submissions to

Important note:
You do not need to submit your play or progress at each deadline. You may send in your finished script on the 14th of January 2014 only, and you will receive the same consideration as anyone else. We are offering the added deadlines as a service to help young playwrights gain confidence in their work and give them a chance to share their progress with some help from the executive.
Good luck! We’re excited to see what works surface this year!


Director’s Statement of Interest

If you are interested in directing for FLoYD Fest 2014, send us an e-mail with the following:

  • Contact info
  • List of previous theatre experience (directing, acting, stage managing, teching, anything).
  • Types of plays you are interested in directing.

Please be aware that as a director, you are expected to come to meetings with the FLoYD Fest Executive, assist in organizing and volunteering at fund-raising events and performances, and assisting in advertising.

You must be 25 years old or younger as of July 30, 2014.

Send your interest statement to submissions [at]

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