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FLoYD Update

Hello FLoYDians and spectators! Allow me to welcome you to our website! We’re really excited to have this website to keep you informed about everything FLoYD. Submission guidelines and due date for shows is now online. You’ll soon be able to take a walk down memory lane and read about past FLoYD shows, including clips and commentaries. We’re also planning a bunch of great fund-raisers, parties, and performance events throughout the year to keep everyone entertained!

Keep your eyes open for monologue nights, the FLoYD Halloween party, more City of Mimes events, and whatever other crazy stuff we can come up with!

So be sure to check back to the website often for updates on all the crazy goings-on that will be going on, follow us on Twitter (@FLoYD_Fest), and join the FLoYD Fest group page on Facebook!

Take care and keep rocking on.



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