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State of the FLuNioN

Hello everyone! So, it is our hope to keep everyone up to date on all things FLoYD through the website, and we’re now going to keep you up to date on important things discussed at our meetings. So, let’s shoot through these!


Please be aware that all plays must be submitted by 11:59 P.M. on January 14 (Central Time, if we want to get picky . . . which we do.) Late entries may not be eligible for consideration.

Important Additional Info for Submissions

If you have a play that is incomplete, is too long, or may not fit the guidelines exactly (eg. Is this show I’m writing considered a musical?), but are still interested in having it considered for the Festival, please submit it at least two weeks early. This will give us a chance to look it over, and talk to you about its completion, its length, or whether or not we can sneak in your musical-ish show into the program.

For more on submission guidelines, please click that Get Involved link above.

Helping Playwrights

If you are having trouble with your script, want an extra set of eyes, or require any help during the writing of your script, do not hesitate to give us a call. Feel free to e-mail us: floyd.fest.information [at] gmail [dot] com. You can set up a meeting with any of the executive, or just e-mail back and forth. We live to serve!


Games Night

We are planning on having a FLoYD Fest Games Night. We have a couple options for this: we could hold it in December, or we wait until the new year. If in December, it would be a pleasant break amidst finals for the University crowd, if in the New Year, it could be a nice break from the chaos of High School finals. In addition, we don’t plan on just playing board games and card games. We’re going to play improv games! Everyone can get involved with some fun theatre sports.

We’d love to hear feedback on when we should have the games night, what games to play, and any other thoughts you may have. Leave a comment below, or feel free to Facebook us.


We’re trying to do more to raise funds for FLoYD Fest this year, so we can get better props, sets, and costumes, to help support the growing and expanding work of the people involved, and also to expand the scope of FLoYD Fest. If you want to help us organize fund-raisers, have ideas for fund-raisers, or want to participate in them, let us know. We want as much help, as many ideas, and all the fun that we can get!

Thanks for listening in! Thanks for coming to the Halloween party, and for continuing to stay involved in FLoYD all year round. Let us know what you’re up to, what you want to see from us, and how we can make FLoYD Fest more awesome!


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