FLoYD 2006

The Wit’s End
Restaurant Quality Tales
A & B
The Secret to Happiness
Boyo The Sworn Protector Of Father Sword: The Musical

The Wit’s End

Written & Directed by Andy Carlson-McNab

Picture if you will a creative force with near unlimited resources and unable to create a cohesive tangible concept to build a story around. This for your viewing pleasure is the story of Shane Stone Writer/Director slowly losing his mind because of his failure to create a new film.

Adam Kirk as Shane Stone
Alyssa Bennett as Vanessa Cash
Chelsea Bird as Nico Pryde
Nicole Barrett as Chase Strain
Mike Bristol as Kenneth Millions
Landen Young Gessell as Sylvester “Sly Stone” Stewart
Braden Penno as The Chorus
F. David Schultz as The Narrator Bryan L. Vaughan

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Restaurant Quality Tales

Written by Andy Carlson-McNab
Directed by Andy Carlson-McNab & Iain Ireland

An aspiring writer observes her customers in a restaurant. The question she asks herself how different members of society live.

Alyssa Bennett as The Storyteller
Robert Bryn Mann as The Traveler
Amanda Bristol as The Scholar
Iain Ireland as The Lothario
Megan Van Buskirk as The Woman
David Ireland as The Customer
Luke Pennock as The Entrepreneur
Braden Penno as The Husband
Mike Bristol as The Lover

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A & B

Written & Directed by Katherine Shwetz

A man & a woman go through the motions of trying to pick up the pieces of a broken relationship.

Alyssa Bennett as A
Adam Detilleux as B

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The Secret To Happiness

Written by Andy Carlson-McNab
Directed by Andy Carlson-McNab & Mike Bristol

Blake Campbell wakes up in the psychiatric ward of the hospital. Faced with these words “At the bottom of everything, you die or you rise. If you climb up and come alive. A rising phoenix is not majestic, it means you had to compromise.”

Jesse Katzman as Blake Campbell
Nicole Barrett as Rachel Reyes/ Cecelia Drake
Megan Van Buskirk as Dr. Braddock
Kyle MacLean as Bruce Darrow
Mike Bristol as Mark Reeve
Alyssa Rudyck as Melissa Monaghan
Andy Carlson-McNab as The Receptionist/ Dr. Ethan Samuels

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Boyo The Sworn Protector Of Father Sword: The Musical

Written & Directed by Adam Kirk

The epic comic series from AdamStudios comes to vivid, moving life in the stage production of the complete Boyo saga!

Adam Kirk as Boyo
Chelsea Bird as Princess Star
Landen Gessell as Sparky The Naughty Little Forest Elf
F. David Schultz as Jadefire/ Citron The Orc
Robert Bryn Mann as The Father Elf/ Pedro Madmouth The Flying Pirate
Sean Kirk as Lionus Ravenhart The Ravenknight
Adam Detilleux as Ferric Ironlad/ Mysterioso
Andee Kirk as Ellowyn
Alyssa Rudyck as Celeste
Sheena Ruddock as Lunabean/Felony
Andy Carlson-McNab as Oopenhead The Wizard
Drew Kirk as King Star
Paul Herrem as Mumsy/Biohazard
Mike Bristol as Cupris Copertone
Ashley Pachkowsky as The White Dragon/Akimbo
Alyssa Bennett as Me/ The Red Dragon/Racinette
Nicole Barrett as The Green Dragon
Connor Reed as The Blue Dragon/Spiderface
Matt Gershpacher as The Goblin Prince

Ashley Pachkowsky: Piano
Paul Herrem: Violin
Adam Detillieux: Lead Guitar
Greame Gibbings: Rhythm Guitar

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