FLoYD 2007

Murder On Campus
Untitled Thus Far
Homicide 101
Within The Penumbra

Other Theatrical Works
The Great Chain Gang of BeingSa-SKIT-Toon Improv Group

Musical Performances
Artie & The SaskuatchesUnicorn Red

Murder On Campus

Written & Directed by Kevin Kermack

Murder On Campus is a dark comedy about a killer who is really the only sane character. Kelly the killer lives with his unique roommate Justin who is fascinated with Kelly’s mom and always has something awkward to say. Ryan is the police officer who has a short fuse attached to a one-ton powder keg. The corpse is simply a corpse.

David Dyck as Justin
Alex Borland as Kelly
Kaiti Hannah as Ryan
Cailin Woodward & Monika Holman as The Corpse
Kevin Kermack as The Radio Announcer

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Untitled Thus Far

Written by Megan Van Buskirk & Sarah Morden
Directed by Megan Van Buskirk

The story begins with a child fresh old of the womb. She has a mute BFF and dates a really sensitive guy.
Suggestion: If you have any allergies don’t use them to stage your suicide ladies and gentlemen.

Leah Danyluk as Vanessa
Kyle MacLean as Clayton
Caitlin Shrubsole as Xena
Megan Van Buskirk as The Doctor/The Waiter/Bingo Caller
Lindsey Shrubsole as The Mother/The Girl/ The Raver
Adam Blum as The Teacher/The Jogger/The Bouncer/The Pizza Boy
Savannah Pinsent as Old Vanessa
Andy Carlson-McNab as Mickey Mouse

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Homicide 101

Written & Directed by Paul Herrem

Sir Richards has had death coming all his life. Throughout his career he has made millions of dollars and even more enemies. He has lied and betrayed everyone he knows and they want revenge. His closest “friends” and beneficiaries of his will have gathered at his home for a dinner party with a secret conspiracy to end the host’s life…

Tony Nijsen as Sir Richards
Paul Herrem as Jergins
Chelsea Cox as Ms. Primm
Monika Holman as Mr. Baggs
Kaiti Hannah as Stacey Borcke
Cailin Woodward as Chanelle
Andy Carlson-McNab as Dr. Dylan
F. David Schultz as Pierre The Cook

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Written & Directed by Andy Carlson-McNab

The show is a love letter to unspoken understandings and to failing to comprehend one another. In short joyous, melancholic love

David Ireland & Andy Carlson-McNab as Man
Alyssa Bennett as Woman

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Within The Penumbra

Written & Directed by F. David Schultz

Light & Shadow…they compliment one another. Without light there is no surface, without shadow there is no texture. What is between the light and the shadow? They call it the penumbra. But what is it? What does it hold? What is its purpose? “Within The Penumbra examines the light & the dark, and the fragile line that separates the two.

Chelsea Cox as Dark Kissandra Claw
Monika Holman as Light Kissandra Claw
Tony Nijssen as Emperor Raptor
Kevin Kermack as King Frederick Claw
Jay Fisher as Perrin
Alyssa Rudyck as Lianna
F. David Schultz as Victor
Paul Herrem as David Claw
Kaiti Hannah as Millie
Kayla Derksen as Mianda
Alex Borland as Salem
Thor Lillequist as Keruban
Cailin Woodward as Isall
Presley Noweselski as The Lady Of The Wood
Talib Sadat as The White Wall
Audra Balion as The Black Wall

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Other Theatrical Works

The Great Chain Gang Of Being

Written by Andy Carlson-McNab & F. David Schultz

Presented as a Staged Reading under the direction Of Andy Carlson-McNab

An exploration of the origins of the soul, self and purpose in a world that ranges from the raw picture of life on the street, to the organized realms of academics and religion.

Luke Pennock as The Hollow
Alyssa Rudyck as The Stripper
Nick Nostbakken as The Gigolo
Andy Carlson-McNab as The Professor
Jonas Tarnowestzki as The Priest

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Sa-SKIT-Toon Improv Group

Charlie Peters
David Peters
Anthony Eremondi
Joey Eremondi
Emily Otterbein
Jacob Yaworski

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Musical Performances

Artie & The Saskuatches

Adam Kirk on Vocals
Landen Gessel on Guitar & Vocals

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Unicorn Red

Rachel Eldstrom on Vocals & Guitar
Max Warner on Bass & Backing Vocals
Alyssa Rudyck On Drums & Backing Vocals

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