FLoYD 2008

Atra Bilis
The Way We Get By or Private Event
The Devil’s Smile

Staged Readings
Gimme Shelter
The Veil of Night
Tall Tales Of The Bad Ones

Atra Bilis

Written & Directed by F. David Schultz

A college romance becomes a journey into the creative process, depression, and an unstable mind. Prepare yourselves for something a little out of the ordinary, a little left of centre and wholly unreal.

Alex Borland as Alvin
Monika Holman as Beth
Cailin Woodward as Goblin
Paul Herrem as Goblin
Robert Bryn Mann as Goblin
Ethan Weippert as Goblin
Kaiti Hannah as Goblin

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The Way We Get By or Private Event

Written & Directed by Kevin Kermack

Ever wonder what your worst week would be like? Jacob doesn’t wonder; he’s living it once a psychotic crush reveals herself. With everything on the line can Jacob pull through through with the help of his friends?

Adam Formanek as Jacob
Kim Elschuck as Maria
Chelsea Cox as Cherise
Andy Carlson- McNab as Keith
Stacy Tetriaut as Tanya
F. David Schultz as Inferior
Audra Balion as Superior
Dani Siemens as Waitress

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The Devil’s Smile

Written & Directed by Audra Bailon

Love and belonging are basic human needs. The Devil’s Smile is a story of desperation and deceit. How do you really know if you know a person? And do human needs still apply to those who are no longer human? When you look into the fountain, what do you see behind your mask?

Andrea Folster as Gilda
F. David Schultz as Tristan
Chelsea Cox as Rawiya
Tony Nijssen as Mark
Brian James Hildebrand as Ajax
Amanda Kapronczai as Sisko
Thor Lilliquist as Lennon
Alex Borland as Doyle
Monika Holman as Person
Kevin Kermack as Person
Kaiti Hannah as Person
Stacey Tetreault as Person

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Staged Readings

Gimme Shelter

Written by Andy Carlson- McNab

Chelsea Cox as Maya Haines
Andy Carlson-McNab as Dylan Lowe
Cailin Woodward as Erica Tucker
Tony Nijssen as Ray Riley

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The Veil Of Night

Written by F. David Schultz

Audra Balion as Rydia Claw
F. David Schultz as Samuel Claw
Tony Nijssen as Edwin Palemoon
Chelsea Cox as Jessica
Paul Herrem as Cornelius Isaac McIntyre III
Monika Holman as Serina Blackthorn
Cailin Woodward as Isaal

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Tall Tales Of The Bad Ones

A coming age folk tale that turns into a heist. Whatever that means.

Kaiti Hannah as Marlee Kent
Paul Herrem as Mamet Rudjack
Natalie Julien as Simone Rudjack
Robert Bryn Mann as Detective Rem Thompson
Andy Carlson-McNab as Spiderknives Franklin
F. David Schultz as Cid Provost
Megan Lowe as Ms. Haley Milian
Luke Pennock as Pinter Hugo Valentine
Kim Elaschuck as Miss Lilly
Peter Grier as Fred Haggard
Cailin Woodward as Elena Gainsbourgh
Julia Payzant as Scarlett Lockheart
Adam Formanek as Reeve Deepground
Tony Nijssen as The Grendel Khan Zachary Massamune/Worthington
Monika Holman as Research Assistant #1
Audra Balion as Research Assistant #2

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