FLoYD 2009

Therapy Is For Everyone
Sweet Nightmares
Love’s Lust Never Happened
Thought For The Day
The Truth of Imaginary Circumstances

Therapy Is For Everyone

Written by Shanna Mann
Directed by F. David Schultz

What happens when a priest, a rabbi and a hobo walk into an ashram? This show will, in no way answer that question.

Chelsea Cox as Patient
Adam Formanek as Therapist

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Sweet Nightmares

Written & Directed by Audra Balion

Sweet Nightmare explores the sanity of artists through the creation of indistinction between dreams and reality. Some aspects of the story are true, and some are fabricated. And so we explore, through metaphor, the question of what is real versus what we believe is real. When you are in the desert as Dali was, is the mirage really false? Is Mahraz real? What power does the mind have over a person, and is it necessary for an artist to forfeit sanity in order to reach their full artistic potential?

Cassandra Walker as Victoria
Kyle King as Dante
Audra Balion as Mahraz
Paul Herrem
Kelci Hopcraft
Monika Holman
Evan Moyer
Bromwyn Reece as The Chorus

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Love’s Lust Never Happened

Written by Stacey Miller
Directed by Kevin Kermack

Two nerds fall in love. It happens.

Brian James Hildebrand as Adam
Bromwyn Reece as Eve
F. David Schultz as Drunken Welshman Extra
Audra Balion as Female Extra/Waitress
Adam Formanek as Male Extra/ Delivery Guy

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Thought For The Day

Written & Directed by Andrew Maracheal

Depression, anger, frustration, positivity, confusion. Confidence crumbling under the pressur. Random actions, No reasoning, contrasting conversations. Experiences throughout the day. Thought For The Day.

Jocie Barrington as First Woman
Andy Carlson-McNab as Male Voice
Cassandra Walker as Female Voice
Ethan Weippert as First Man
Paul Herrem as The Butler
Brian Hildebrand as Second Man
Bromwyn Reece as Second Woman

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The Truth Of Imaginary Circumstances

Written & Directed by Andy Carlson-McNab

Two writers Geoffrey & Ellen set out to create a sort of artistic therapy session for the lovelorn Geoffrey and find truth, fiction, performance and honesty intersecting beween great art and great love. Is there truth in imaginary circumstances?

Adam Formanek as Geoffrey Neilson
Alyssa Rudyck as Ellen Shaw
Kelci Hopcraft as Acrobat/Tango
Jocie Barrington as Mystique/Blue

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