FLoYD 2010

December’s Children
The Shattered Frame
Hubby in Distress
Lights Fade – Show Starts Without Music
Century Gothic

December’s Children

Written & Directed by Andy Carlson-McNab

A look into the mistakes and woes of a family spanning across four generations, December’s Children is an exciting and touching two-act show complete with sex, drugs, and a family that is about to collapse.

Nissan Gordon as Alex Kennedy
Nikki Zalesak as Claire Kline
Cassandra Walker as Julia Foley
F. David Schultz as Nathan Conrad
Larissa Weitzel as Amy Conrad
Rowan MacLachlan as Nicholas Conrad
Adam Formanek as Nick Conrad
Josh Kaiser as Jack Kennedy
Mari Cox as Braden Foley
Andy Carlson-McNab as Colin Conrad

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The Shattered Frame

Written & Directed by Brian Hildebrand

It was a bright and sunny morning. Deceptive, leads you into a false sense of security, the kind of morning that makes you think trouble won’t come walking through your door. Trouble has a name that day: Emma Virgin. Shoulda known better than to take the case, but I was desperate for some work.
…Secretary talking to herself again, she should probably see a psychiatrist.

Bromwyn Reece as Detective Joe Smith
Cassandra Walker as Emma Virgin
Kevin Kermack as Duncan Hollister
Bohdan Onushko as Agent Richard Bennett
Nikki Zalesak as The Kingpin
Audra Balion as The Fourth Wall Breaking Extra
Elyse Leslie as The Attention Seeking Extra
Rowan MacLachlan as The Always Interrupted Extra
F. David Schultz as The Always Dies Extra

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Hubby In Distress

Written by Kevin Kermack
Directed by Monika Holman

Machismo vs. delicate feminity. Muscles vs. sex appeal. Hubby in distress is comedic romp through the gender war, as narrators and characters warp and twist a simple “damsel” in distress story into madness.

Kaitlyn Schick as Sally Strong
Bromwyn Reece as Joey
Evan Moyer as Frank Feeble
Max Holman as The Male Narrator
Hilary Hlagy as The Female Narrator
Cody Bergman as Charles Sneed

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Written & Directed by Andrew Mareschal

What sort of story would our kitchen table be able to tell us about our lives?
As this show exhibits, a table can reveal the intimate details of a life, the worst moments of family, and everything that connects them. Something as simple as a table can be as treased and precious as any loved one.

Amber Pooler as Tiffany
Josh Kaiser as Timothy
Cody Bergman as Cody/The Shredder
Jocie Barrington as Janice
Adam Formanek as Eric
Evan Moyer as Marson
Cassandra Walker as Carrell/Pessimism
Cherie Hrynchyshyn as June

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Lights Fade – Show Opens Without Music

Written by F. David Schultz
Directed by Kevin Kermack

Lights fade tries to decipher what seperates imagination from reality while exploring and tearing apart various theatre conventions and styles. At one moment an introspective reflection, full of symbolism, and the next a comedic meal at a restaurant, anything can happen and nothing is held sacred

Kristen Kelly as A
Amber Pooler as B
Monika Holman as C
Cherie Hrynchyshyn as D

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Century Gothic

Written & Directed by Audra Balion

A comedy that follows the quest of a young author on the verge of finally getting his big break into publishing. However , he has to write a play that is nowhere near his comfort level, and every attempt seems to shoot him in the foot, and his big break drifts closer and closer to failure.

Scott Godwin as John Seward
Jocie Barrington as Lord Byron
Richelle Cotton as Princess Matilda
Larissa Weitzel as Aubrey aka “Conrad”
Elyse Leslie as Henry Clerval
Kaitlyn Schick as Lucy Westenra
F. David Schultz as Robert Walton
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