FLoYD 2011

The Time Of The Man
Clawing Santa
The Cucamunga Lounge & Hotel
The Traveler

The Time Of The Man

Written by Lucas Lalonde
Directed by Monika Holman
Designed by Andrew Mareschal

A confused young man gets dragged through parallel universes against his will by a mysterious force.

Josh Kaiser as Dan
Jessie Carroll as Mira
Sayge Helgason as Hannah/Other
Erich Jurgens as Dad/Other
Bromwyn Reece as Mom/Other
Andy Carlson-McNab as The Man

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Clawing Santa

Written by Chris Donlevy
Directed by Brian Hildebrand
Designed by Nicole Zalesak

On Christmas Eve, Santa is making his rounds to deliver presents to all the good little girls and boys of the world when a loud noise spooks his reindeer, leaving him stranded at Julian’s house. Hilarity, and then reality ensue.

Corey Schultz as Julian
Nissan Gordon as Santa Claus

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The Cucamunga Lounge and Hotel

Written & Directed by Kevin Kermack
Stage Managed by Steve Loewen
Designed by Nicole Zalesak

The Cucamunga is in crisis. Frank Cucamunga’s death left a gap in the hotel business and his wife, Richelle, developing both mental and emotional issues. This left only Richelle and her loyal employee Jonathan to run the hotel. Since Jonathan doesn’t have the head to run the business and not wanting the hotel to close after she passes away, Richelle forms a plan. Hiring an unemployed university graduate, Heather, in the hopes of training the future owner of the hotel, Richelle is faced with a problem: She doesn’t have the finances to keep both Jonathan and Heather on for long. Though Jonathan is like the son Richelle and Frank never had, Heather is the only person who may be able to save the hotel. So the question is what is more important? Being loyal to the business or to those who run it?

Adam Formanek as Jonathan Ried
Amanda Bristol as Heather Thompson
Monika Holman as Richelle Cucamunga
Evan Moyer as Hank Marshal
Richelle Cotton as Tiffany Marshal
Steve Loewen as Frank Cucamunga
Andy Carlson-McNab as D*bag Cameraman
Cassandra Bessette as The Torch Singer

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Written, Directed & Designed by Audra Bailon
Stage Managed by F. David Schultz

Eternity follows the journey of two soul mates into the afterlife. It seeks to explore the dichotomies of humanity and divinity, good and evil, and the possibility and futility of fate.

Katie Hounjet as A
Paul Herrem as B
Kole Dulle as Osiris
Dana Powers as Isis
Hilary Hlagy as Maat
Cassandra Walker as Anubis/Shu/Mot
Gray Myrfield as Ammit/Set/Sek
Clint Miller as Thoth/Geb
Hoatong Wang as Moon/Neith
Audra Bailon as Ra/Horus
Andrew Cooper as Apep/Ptah
Jocie Barrington as Bastet/Nut
Amanda Bristol as Sekmet/Tefnut

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Written by Vernon Boldick
Direction & Multimedia by Wayne Balion
Designed by Audra Balion
Stage Managed by Scott Godwin

Humans have often seen themselves as being the top species. Often they take things for granted. So much so that aliens that have been monitoring humanity think they have failed in the pillars of society – science, religion, business and arts. Humans now have to answer to what they have done and defend themselves from possible annihilation.

Evan Moyer as Rob
Corey Schultz as Rob/Radio Host/Guest
Andrea Hill as Francesca/Voiceover
Kole Dulle as Marko/Radio Host
Gray Myrfield as Keith/Reporter/Caller
Cassandra Walker as Aster/Reporter
Serina Wall as Morgan/Radio Host
Dana Powers as Ragnarok
Sarah Lozinsky as Mimir/Panel Host/Televangelist
Nissan Gordon as Loki/Reporter/Guest
Jocie Barrington as Dis/Radio Host
Larissa Weitzel as Odin
F. David Schultz as Aussie Radio DJ
Ashley Pachkowsky as Aussie Radio DJ

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The Traveler

Written, Directed & Designed by Andrew Mareschal
Stage Managed by Marion Hewitt Pollock

A young hitchhiker and a Scottish girl drive to the east coast for a new beginning, while seeing some strange things along the way.

Josh Kaiser as Mitchell
Cherie Hrynchyshyn as Lenna
Sayge Helgason as Pam/Black Cloak
Erich Jurgens as Louis Riel/Black Cloak
Evan Moyer as Ghost/British Soldier
Maia Stempien as Diamond
Bryn Mann as Giant Turtle (Voice)
Monika Holman as Giant Turtle (Puppetry)
Larissa Weitzel as Mitchell’s Mom/ Black Cloak
Serina Wall as Emily/Black Cloak
Greer Tilford as Amber
Andy Carlson-McNab as Evan

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