FLoYD 2012

There Are Monsters
The End Of The World As We Know It
Write What You Know
Tin Man
Spectamina Quinque – Five Scene

There Are Monsters

Written & Directed by Hilary Hlagy
Stage Managed by Andy Carlson-McNab
Designed by Nicole Zalesak
Music by Cassandra Walker-Bessette & F. David Schultz

Do you ever see something in the corner of your eye, but when you look there’s nothing there? Have you ever heard something, a voice, but it was the wind? The shadow people, you might call them. Your first year of college is hard enough…midterms, essays, responsibility …but now add in the delusions. The shadow people. The monsters. They’re real.


Sarah Sotvedt as Elizabeth
Sayge Helgason as The First
Amanda Bristol as The Second
Andrew Mareschal as The Third
Heidi Sailor as Mother
Aulden Furlong as Father
Cassandra Walker-Bessette as Black
Bromwyn Reece as Shadow
Serina Wall as Shadow


Written by Andrew Mareschal
Directed by Robin Claus
Stage Managed by Nicole Zalesak
Designed by Nicole Zalesak & Hilary Hlagy

Follow the path of these poor souls as the music draws them in with the lure of freedom on a double barreled hook of destitution and drugs. Jazz moves them, inspires them and rewrites their minds to a whole new Zen. For the love of the music, the city, the lights, the culture that is the Jazz revolution- they will endure any hardship and ask for more; just one more taste of that sweet, sweet sound. Andrew Mareschal’s fourth play for FLoYD is a melancholy trip into New York’s past. His words will get you hip with the groove and why they couldn’t let go of the music…right to their end


Cassie Childs as Escort/Jazz Patron
Mackenzie Dawson as Jazzman/Beatnik
Max Holman as Jacob
Corey Schultz as Producer/Conductor

The End Of The World As We Know It

Written by Brian James Hildebrand
Direction & Fight Choreography by F. David Schultz
Set Design by Andrew Mareschal
Make-up Design by Audra Balion

Brian Hildbrand invites us into a fantasy world, full of dwarves and goblins, magical behemoths, and a young elf who holds the fate of the world in her hands. But the lines between fantasy and really start to blur.


Den Deslauriers as Cadius
Jessie Carroll as Illeona
Colin Grant as Penitay
Cassandra Walker-Bessette as Gabriella
Kole Dulle as Beelzebub
Alex Bastian as Kier
Sarah Lozinsky as Xalanthe
Cassie Childs as The Chorus of Humans
Erich Jurgens
Nick Penner
Christain Pollock
Dana Powers as Elves & Magic

Write What You Know

Written & Directed by Gray Myrfield
Stage Managed by Cody Strieb
Designed by Audra Bailon
Music Design by Josh Kaiser

The award winning novelist Martin Keybourne goes through his past works as he drinks away his sorrows. He searches, looking for something…anything to solve his problems. Compelled to change page after page, searching for answers.


Kole Dule as Martin Keybourne
Peter Beug as James Marco
Audra Balion as Alison Wright
Mackenzie Dawson as Chuck
Erich Jurgens as Jake Mason
Ashley Preete as Hazel Smith/Tracy

Tin Man

Written by Audra Balion
Directed by Monika Holman
Stage Managed & Designed by Dana Powers

Morgan is a woman of science. She has been to many engineering symposiums and conventions all around the world as one of the main events. She is at the cutting edge of android technology. She is an android. She is used to being surrounded by people, but today is different. Today, she hopes to run some new experiments with brand new hardware: An emotion chip.


Nicole Zalesak as Morgan

Five Scenes- Spectamina Quinque

This show is essentially about life from several different viewpoints, and touching upon like faith, dreams, philosophy and others. We’ve kept the show very minimal so that there would be emphasis on objectively and more about what you, the viewer get out of it. Our goal is not to tell you what to think, but to get you thinking about what you see.

Written by F. David Schultz
Directed by Andrew Fosseneuve
Stage Managed by Cassie Childs
Designed by Andrew Mareschal


Haydon Remenda as Actor
Kattie Rowan as Actress


Written & Directed by Josh Kaiser
Stage Managed by Marion Hewitt Pollock
Designed by Sam Koslowski
Make-up Designed by Rachel Barclay

Chris Endicott hates his job. A lot. The day he finally decides to quits is also the day his job teaches him the most. Dick McPherson had finally put his bad memories of Liberty Motors behind him. Then the phone rang. Some punk kid on the other end didn’t want to hear what he had to say. When a call centre rebel connects with an unbearable old ranter, expect the unexpected.


Brian Hildebrand as Dick McPherson
Nissan Gordon as Chris Endicott
Mariah Cox as Sam King
Bromwyn Reece as Helen Richardson
Shaquille McGonigle as Ashley Wentworth
Thor Lillequist as Brandon Campbell/Boss
Richelle Cotton as Rhonda
Christian Pollock as Steven Baker/Nurse
Greer Tilford as Leslie Watson
Josh Kaiser as The Voice Of Derek Farris
Marion Hewitt Pollock as The Voice Of Yvette Lemieux

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